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Welcome to a sampling of some of my favorite shows I've designed over the years. 


“Bauer” by Lauren Gunderson premiered at the San Francisco Playhouse in March 2014, before it’s off-Broadway run that summer. This play tells the real life story of Rudolf Bauer, a painter who one day mysteriously decides to put his brush down forever. In the lighting design, I played with the harsh white reality of his present contrasted against the vibrant colors of his memories and the fantastical final moment of the production.


Featuring Susi Damilano, Ronald Guttman*, and Stacy Ross*

Directed by Bill English. Set by Bill English. Projections by Micah Stieglitz. Costumes by Abra Berman. Photographs by Jessica Palopoli.

*Member of AEA

The Motherf**ker with the Hat


“The Motherf**ker with the Hat” by Stephen Adly Guirgis had it's San Francisco premiere at the San Francisco Playhouse in 2013.  In this play about love and addition manifested in multiple relationships, the lighting design was integral in focusing the audience's attention towards the appropriate location.  In designing it, I used natural lighting on the actors and colored the cyc behind the buildings to convey mood. 
Featuring Rudy Guererro*,  Margo Hall*, Carl Lumbly*, Gabriel Marin*, and Isabelle Ortega* 
Directed by Bill English. Set by Bill English. Costumes by Abra Berman. Photographs by Jessica Palopoli.
* Member of AEA
Last Seder


"The Last Seder" by Jennifer Maisel was produced by the Jewish Theatre Ensemble of Northwestern University in 2010.  This play is about a family coming together for Seder while the patriarch is suffering from Alzheimer's.  With the design I sought to contrast the nostalgic sepia tones of memory and an ideal family picture with the harsh reality of their present situation.
Featuring  Liza Renzulli, Alex Ryser, Scott Shimizu, and Walls Trimble 
Directed by Allison Finn.  Set Design by Kelsey Melvin.  Photography by Justin Barbin.
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